Friday, 22 January 2016

Shamu - Dive

Hello. A blog post from me these days is rarer than a bacon roll at a barmitzvah, but I'm once again just poking my head above the musical parapet to bring you glad tidings of great joy and a wonderful new single from two of my favourite chaps ever.

Last year when north east boy wonders TUSK split, I was more than a little bit sad, and I did wonder if we'd ever hear from the guys again, but I was absolutely made up to hear that Jonathan and Sam from the band had gone on to form a new duo called Shamu.

Good things come to those who wait and today sees the release of their debut single "Dive". Before we go any further, here are all the necessaries:







And here you can see the video for the song:

It's a brilliant, brilliant first release and showcases some fantastic, dubby beats, crystal clear mathy guitars (I LOVE MATH ROCK IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW) and a superb, slightly off kilter vocal. 

The trend at the moment seems to be melding electronica with more rocky based guitar sounds, and sometimes this results in an end product that doesn't quite work and can't quite make its mind up what it is. None of that here. There's a real attempt to fuse the two genres successfully which, for my money, works really beautifully. 

It kind of goes without saying I'm really looking forward to seeing how Shamu progress as an act - Jon and Sam have been really missed and this is such a welcome return. 

Go listen, watch and buy. At once. 

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