Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Shamu - Jump Ship

Jump Ship cover art

Hello again amigos. It's not been quite so long this time, but I can't promise I won't always be so previous, if you get my drift.

I'm here for a super quick update, and to bring you some more great new music.

Way back in January you might well remember me posting about the absolutely brilliant Shamu, who released their debut single "Dive". I adored it and highly recommended you all went out and spent your pocket money on it.

I'm thrilled to say that Jon and Sam are back again with their second release, a track called "Jump Ship" which came out yesterday (May 30th).

So here are all the necessary necessaries:

Shamu's Bandcamp page:


Their Facebook:


Their Twittah:


Their iTunes:


So I first of all recommend you go off and have a listen to it - and of course follow that up by buying it and giving the lads your support.

This is yet another absolute corker of a track. It starts off feeling stripped and paired back - before opening out into a nicely flowing bit of electronica.

The sounds get bigger as the song moves on and it's such a clean, rippling sound, the sort of music that makes your heart soar.

Jon's vocals are as always, sweetly unassuming and they pair really beautifully with the watery-trickly-feel of the beat. (actually that sounds a bit odd reading it back, but the synths do feel like flowing water).

Anyway, if all that hasn't made you think I'm a total dipshit, then as I implored at the start, get supporting Shamu, because they are super and I'll fall out with you if you don't.

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