Sunday 7 June 2015

Stereo Off - The Long Hot Winter

Howdy. Long time no catch up. Well, it's been over a week. I love what you've done to your hair while I've been away. No, it's OK, I won't tell your Mum. Just slip £10 in the envelope and post it through my letterbox - then we'll say no more.

OK, so in my absence I was contacted by a fantabulous act I was lucky enough to cover at the start of last year - Stereo Off. You can read my previous post on them HERE.

Stereo Off are back and my intrepid tea drinking, glittery nail polished companion theexistentialist has taken some time away from the kettle and the nail file to review it for me (thank you, once again!!)


Stereo Off - The Long Hot Winter

theexistentialist was excited to have the opportunity to review Stereo Off’s long-awaited 2nd EP.

Their debut, NY EP 5 Songs, was released way back in January 2014, and was reviewed by thegeneral (see above for linkage)

Their 2nd EP, The Long Hot Winter, is due for release in the coming weeks (thegeneral will update when it's properly due out). Here's their bandcamp page where you can go and download all their other stuff while you wait:

In the meantime, the band’s Facebook page and Twitter account can be accessed, by following these links:

Like their debut EP, The Long Hot Winter comprises of 5 tracks, each of which are excellent examples of the 3-4 minute pop (alternative pop, that is) song.

theexistentialist absolutely loved this EP. This is definitely an EP for the hip indie kids at the cool indie disco (an old curmudgeon like theexistentialist probably would not be allowed into one of Stereo Off’s shows). (*thegeneral chips in, "you're 31, shut up. When you're as old as me, then you can say that"... :D) 

Stereo Off are pure electronic indie-rock - very cool and very danceable. This is an EP of these indie rock styles cut through with some icy overtones of electronica. Very danceable beats and clean rhythms coupled with crystal clear vocals. 

It is an absolute delight to listen to, as it makes me feel like an achingly hip 18-year-old indie kid. And, despite the icy electronica its very warm and joyful, and a deliciously upbeat EP. Essential Summer listening. 

Stand out tracks are opener "Hotel Mirror" and the brilliantly rocky, anthemic "Supercooler". Definitely one to get on your playlists when it is released. 

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