Sunday, 24 June 2012

Arcs and Trauma


Happy Sunday.

It's been a while. However, thegeneral are back with a bang and introducing yet another wonderful band to you all. 

Today it's the turn of Arcs and Trauma, a wonderful band from Hartlepool. Hartlepool seems to be producing some great bands at the moment, see previous post on TUSK (who I never seem to shut up about). However, Arcs and Trauma are equally worth a few moments of your time. They have such a complex sound, really good strong guitars that are beautifully melodic and punchy, grabbing vocals that steer the songs along excitedly. Please to be having a look at their bandcamp page (link below) and in particular their latest EP "White To Violet" which you can preview in full. You can also listen to and buy their other two EPs there too. Do yourselves a favour! They're brilliant.


Sunday, 10 June 2012


 Blue Bottle Flu cover art                                                                                    
Happy Sunday.

Here's a wonderful new band to see out the weekend with. Hailing from Liverpool, Ninetails are an incredibly exciting sound. They're not your average bunch of three chord wonders. Far from it, they're a band of immense melodical delicacy and lovely guitar licks. I previously talked about a group called TUSK from Hartlepool who are probably my favourite new band. If you've listened to and liked TUSK, you'll like Ninetails for sure. Here's a link to their bandcamp site. Do yourselves a favour and give them a go!