Monday, 28 March 2016

The Everglows - Let It Out

Hello amigos. It's been another long while, hasn't it? Whilst I know the blog has taken something of a backseat over recent months, it doesn't mean I haven't missed it, or been thinking of ways to start up again. Life's just got in the way for all the wrong reasons and it's been a long slog of a winter.

Happily, I'm back for a one off posting and it's good to be featuring an absolute favourite of mine - The Everglows, who, as many of you know are a band I've featured a lot on these pages and admire greatly. You can read alllllll my previous mentions of them here, and treat yourselves to some of their back catalogue.

You can Twitterise the band here:

You can have a look at their Soundcloud here:

You can find their Bandcamp page here:

They're back with a brand new single called "Let It Out" and it's an absolute corker of a number to get you in the mood for the lighter nights and hopefully better weather that's around the corner. Have yourself a little listen to it:

It's got a brilliantly catchy hook to it (something these guys are really good at) and a rocky,earthy guitar sound which makes the track rollock on at a fair old pace. Slightly reminiscent of Riverboat Song in feel and time signature, the rhythm of the guitar flows in the same way. It's the sort of pattern I love in music, repetitive, deeply catchy and all-too-easy to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

This, as all the band's other tracks are, is really worth a listen - and I implore you to go and revisit the guy's back catalogue for a treasure trove of brilliantly memorable psychedelia.

Make "Let It Out" an essential part of your Spring playlist - I know I will! The band will be releasing an album (I believe) in the not too distant future - if this is the standard they're setting, it bodes really well for the future...