Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Nick Webb - The Downs

The Downs cover art

For the second blog of the day, I'm really pleased to be featuring a new artist who I have had the pleasure of featuring before, but not as you might recognise.

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you'll know way back at the end of 2013 I featured a wonderful group called Emperor the Stag. If you need a quick refresh, you can read my posts on them here

Fantasy to Bleak was a superb album and one that I listened to a lot during the months after its release.

A week or two back I was contacted by Nick Webb from the band who asked me if I'd consider giving his new track a bit of a play - I was more than happy to, and that is what I am featuring today.

First things first, here's a link to it:


It's very very worth a listen. This feels quite a way removed from Emperor the Stag and their music. Nick's managed to put together a track here that is gently wistful and dreamy, with a richly understated vocal. Again, if you're a regular reader of these pages and you remember me reviewing a band called By Toutatis - Nick's music has a similar feel - read my posts on them here. The Downs has that kind of edge to it, with more of a guitar based sound. Again, just like my last post, this is the perfect antidote to Christmas music, but something that is eminently worth listening to right now and into the new year too. It's a nice, mellow sound, one to chill out to and forget the world.

I'd love it if you made this part of your December playlist and gave Nick your support - this is a brilliant song and I hope we hear more from him in the months to come.

The Everglows - Feet Walking

Feetwalking cover art

Good afternoon. Yes, it has been another month since thegeneral last graced your presence, and for that I am once again, truly sorry. Life really is what happens when you're making other plans. However, I am back for the first of two lightning strike entries (ooh er missus) today, which I hope you'll really love as much as I do.

Now then, up first are a band that I've championed for a long time on these pages and it really feels fitting I should be making a comeback by writing about them. It's a hearty welcome back to my lovely friends The Everglows and their excellent new track "Feet Walking".

Firstly, if you'd like to take a look at my previous posts on them, you can read on here. There are quite a few, but I make no apologies for that, as these guys are really worth writing about (and listening to).

So, here are the links to the places you can listen to and purchase their new single from:




I highly recommend that you do.

Released in time for Christmas, this is just what I needed to hear at this stage in the year. It's actually really fresh, jingly and upbeat - the guitars are fantastic and as always, it's got that brilliantly 60s psychedelic vocal, slightly off kilter and uber cool. I kept thinking about the Happy Mondays when singer Andy Smith yelled "Hallelujah" half way through...nothing wrong with that, at all.

All the tracks these guys release seem to be instantly memorable - you only need one listen to get them stuck in your head -  to my mind that's one of the hallmarks of great music. This one is no exception. Utterly brilliant in it's composition and recording.

If you're jaded with festive music already and want something with a fresher edge to take you into the new year, I highly recommend making this single one that you purchase in the coming days. I love these chaps a lot - and I am really looking forward to hearing more from them in 2016. You should too.