Friday, 5 September 2014

Jordan Allen - Set In Stone

One blog post simply wasn't enough tonight - I'm back again with a second installment of musical brilliance to tickle you right under there...go on, admit it, you like it don't you? I know you do - you can be as coy as you like, but I know you're loving every second.

Sometimes it's nice to find out that the world genuinely is a small place. Last weekend I was spending an idle moment browsing for new music to listen to and happened upon Jordan Allen. I was really taken with his new song "Set In Stone" and, you should be too...if you'd like, you can follow this link to give it a listen:

What I was even more amazed to find out was that Jordan was from my neck of the woods in Lancashire and a brief Twitter Follow and a natter later I agreed to do a review for him, 'cos you've got to support local talent and Jordan is really worth a moment of your time.

"Set In Stone" is superb. No other word for it. It's got a bloody brilliant driving rhythm to it. Jordan himself looks like a young, funky, Elvis Costello, proper sharp. It's punchy and vibrant and feels like a super smart pop song that you'll want to keep playing over and over. In fact, since I first heard it last weekend I've been doing just that. I highly recommend you give this song and the other tracks from his new single/EP a go.

To get "Set In Stone" and the other tracks from Jordan's brilliant collection of songs, called "I Wanna Be Remembered" - simply clicketh ye this linky here and go buy buy buy:

Jordan Allen - I Wanna Be Remembered

Jordan's also on tour in the latter stages of this year. If you've listened and really like what you've heard, get some cocking tickets and GO SEE HIM. You can view his tour dates below:

In the meantime, treat yourself and give him some support. He's bloody brilliant and has got a bright future ahead.

BLOGUPDATE: Cross Wires - Vultures. NEW EP: Your History Defaced.


Friday, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height of a bottle of Gordon's Gin. Yais.

Welcome to the weekend and something to shuttle you headfirst into the evening as if you'd been shot from a cannon in a string vest.

Way back in May I featured the quite frankly delicious Cross Wires and their last EP, "Assembly". You can, if you wish, go and read that review here. I hope you do, because you'll get an absolutely brilliant taste of this fantastic band.

Last week, the guys asked me if I'd take a listen to a new track from their next, as yet untitled EP which is due out in the Autumn. I gladly agreed and think you should all do the same - here it is:

Cross Wires - Vultures

In my last post about the group I very slightly moaned about the lack of really good, honest genuine modern punk bands around today and the fact that Cross Wires really seem to be a cut above and something so genuinely sparky and full of energy you can't help but be moved along by them. This new song is no exception. There is something nicely Clash-esque about it, and a brilliant rough-round-the-edges-slightly-scuzzy feel to it that gives the song a great rawness and depth. It's shouty, pouty and fighty and I really love it. This is a song that really bodes well for the rest of the EP and I'm properly looking forward to reviewing it when it comes out in the next few weeks.

If you haven't added "Assembly" to your collection - in the meantime, while you're waiting for it. That's an order. Otherwise I'll come round to your house with a safety pin and attach your epiglottis to the ceiling.

QUICK BLOG UPDATE. Cross Wires have now released the EP that "Vultures" is taken from. "Your History Defaced" came out on 8th September and you can buy it via this link here. If you don't. There will be trouble.