Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Octopuses/Milk & Biscuits Split Single - Pogo/Towns Are Concrete Holes

Octopuses image

It's still Wednesday. If I close my eyes and wish hard enough, weekend will bite me on the ankle, I know it. For my third and final blog of the day, I want to bring you another really really excellent split single release. I know, I haven't had one for ages - then two come along at once...

The wonderful chaps at PinDropMusic sent this most very brilliant two track collection to me to have a listen to. Coming via Lick Music ( if you want to look at their site, this lovely single features two bands - Octopuses and Milk & Biscuits, both hailing from Brighton.

First of all, I'd like you to have a look at all the necessaries for both groups:

For Octopuses, here is their Twitterz

Here is their Facebookz:

and here is their Bandcampz:

For Milk & Biscuits, here is their Twitterz

Here is their Facebookz:

Now then. There are two very important videos to accompany this delicious split single. Here they are - firstly, Octopuses and their song "Pogo"

Secondly, Milk & Biscuits and their track "Towns are Concrete Holes"

In the greatest possible way, Octopuses song reminded me of Madness. Now for anyone who knows me well, they'll remember that Madness were (and still are) one of my all time favourite groups. This song follows in their hallowed tradition, even down to the brilliantly sparky video. It's got a superb catchy hook, it makes you really want to move around and it captures a time and sound that often gets very overlooked. It's a real corker of a song.

Similarly, Milk & Biscuits tread a really delightful 80s sounding path. It's a track which has a super vibe to it, cracking organ vibe in it. If Octopuses reminded me of Madness, these guys put me in mind of what might happen if Squeeze met with Stereolab in the pub one evening. It's another really great listen, slightly more muted - and provides a great contrast to the first. 

The split single is out in June on the previously mentioned Lick Music. Check it/them out. I highly recommend both!  

Moonbabies - Wizards On The Beach

Wizards on the Beach cover art

Hello again. It's still Wednesday, I know because I've just checked. I hope you're ready and waiting for some more brilliant music, because that's what I have for you. I've sent my compadre off for a sit down with a cup of tea and I'm going to take you through this next piece.

So for today's second offering, I'm going to share with you a band I've been aware of for a little while - called Moonbabies. I was thrilled when Ola from the group asked me to put together a little something for them (guys I'm sorry for the delay) I'm happy to be finally featuring them now.

Their new album "Wizards on the Beach" is out now (it was released on April 28th) and as always here are the necessaries:

Here is their bandcamp page:

Here is their Facebook page:

Here is their Twitter stream:

And here is their website:

What can I tell you about this album - other than "you need it". Well, you need it if trippy, vibey, feel good electronica is your thing - and it is mine. The album opens with "Pink Heart Mother" a smashing mix of gentle harmonies and great beats. Title track "Wizards on the Beach" follows and is a corker, which really mixes (and speeds up) the proceedings. It's got a brilliant, cute sounding guitar in it, which just elevates the sound. Standout tracks for thegeneral are the aforementioned first track - and "Bird Lay Frue", "Playground Dropouts" (opening reminds me very slightly of The Magic Roundabout!!) and final track "The Ocean Kill" which is a super, super way to round the album off.

The husband and wife duo mix the vocals up on the tracks which means that nothing really sounds samey, and they have a very distinct, stacatto and upbeat style to their sound, which is really charming. If you like bands like Discopolis (and if you don't - we can't be friends) and you also loved my review of Cantaloupe's new album, "Zoetrope", this should also be right up your street too. Get it in your collection now!

EARTHS - Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq cover art

Good of the Tuesday afternoon to you. Except it's Wednesday. I just thought I'd fox you all. Never let it be said I'm not sharper than a safety knife.

So it's midweek and we're probably all slumped over our desks wondering how long it is till the next Bank Holiday weekend (answer: too bloody long). But never fear, I have something to keep you going until Friday at the very least.

However, I am once again handing over the blog reins to my erstwhile companion, compadre and partner in crime/nail polish, theexistentialist who has taken a break from launching their website (imabloodymiserablemisanthrope . com - just kidding) to make another brilliant contributed post.

Today, they're reviewing the excellent new release from Glasgow's EARTHS - called "Kangerlussuaq"


theexistentialist is delighted to have had the fortune of thegeneral drawing my attention to a brand new act from Glasgow, called EARTHS. They are a great band; although, someone needs to show them where “caps lock” is on their computer keyboard! (thegeneral interrupts to let theexistentialist know that that sort of thing is actually quite cool and trendy actually :D)

First the necessaries. 

You can visit their Twitters here:

You can visit their Facebook page here:

You can download the new single from their bandcamp page here:

Their new single is Kangerlussuaq is a nice trippy little number, and can be downloaded for free from band camp, by following the link above ^^^. It's got a fantastic bassline and nice chippy guitars. Really dreamlike and ethereal. 

Whilst theexistentialist enjoyed the gentle Kangerlussuaq, it was the b-side (or, whatever you call a b-side on a digital download), The House Above, that really captured my imagination. It is just a little bit bonkers barmy, and unpredictable, but in all the right ways. After the lovely, lulling soundscape of KangerlussuaqThe House Above is a surprise and a little gem of eclectic oddness. If you've got a liking for some of the more gentle aspects of Math-Rock, you'll love these tracks. 

theexistentialist is rather intrigued to know what will be the next move for this fascinating band, and is hoping to hear more of EARTHS in the near future.


Monday, 25 May 2015

All The People - The Hills

So it's Bank Holiday Monday (though in truth, it's just an ordinary Monday for me - nothing Bank about it) and it's one of those days where you need something to chillax bro, to. (I am SO cool it hurts). Today I've got just the thing...

However, as I'm slightly incapacitated today (nothing that tea and a nice sit down with a book about an horrific serial killer won't sort out), I'm handing over the reviewing reins once more to my lovely, lovely sparring partner, tea addict and generalallroundmisanthrope, theexistentialist - who has really kindly offered, like a slightly camp Knight in Sparkly Armour to come to my blogging rescue.

Thank you theexistentialist for another brilliant review!


thegeneral has been kind enough to bring to my attention a fantastic new band from London, called All the People. 

All the People are busy promoting their debut single, which is due out on 8th June. Although, it can be previewed, here, at the link below:

(In the age of digital technology, I’m not quite sure what it means to release a single on 8th June, when it is already out!)

You can visit their website here:

You can visit their Twitter page here:

You can visit their Facebook page here:

Anyway, The Hills is the name of the track, and wow, what a debut! This band are one to watch, and this is just a beautiful song. I could quite easily become obsessed with it. (thegeneral chips in: Yes theexistentialist will dear this space...)

It is melancholy, but the laid-back, druggy-trippy landscape transforms the melancholy into melodic. The obvious reference point for this band are Massive Attack.  However, The Hills is, in the opinion of theexistentialist, superior to almost anything Massive Attack have done; and is, thus far, probably my single of the year!


Sunday, 24 May 2015

HOT HEAD SHOW / Ay! : Split 7 inch Single

Logo Zebra

OK, now - how about this for a total, utter and complete (yet still fabulous) departure. We're taking a blog path that deviates so far from what you're used to reading/hearing on here that some of you might possibly need a steadying cup of tea to bolster you.

I have a total treat for you now - especially if you'd like your head messing with (musically).

It's rare I get to feature a split single these days - with two bands to review for the price of one, but today I'm going to remedy this with a really brilliant release from two bands I'm very new to - the first of these is HOT HEAD SHOW from London. The second is the beautifully nuts Ay! from Roma, Italy. Both come hot from the desk of PindropPublicity, who never fail to send me the best stuff to get my teeth into.

First of all, some necessaries - for HOT HEAD SHOW:

Here's their website

Here's their Facebook:

...and now for AY!

Here's their bandcamp:

And finally, here is the link to the new split single release on the soundcloud page:

I don't think I've heard anything quite as barking mad as this in a long time - and I love both these bands for it. HOT HEAD SHOW are described as 'avant bang!' and, yep, I don't think I'd argue with that. Their track "Medication, A Success Story"is batshit insane. It's totally impossible to sit still and listen to it. It's got the most chippy, infectious guitar and drumming LIEK EVA U GUISE. The lyrics/vocals are just as wonderful too. This is one of those songs that boxes you round the ears and demands you listen to it at least twelvety bajillion times. I just have done. I'm totally in love.

To follow this, we have a complete contrast in Ay! - well, (aye, well?) Well, not a contrast in that this is a complete departure too, but after the insanity of HOT HEAD SHOW, this is a mellow, jazzy speed calypso interlude with a funky drumming bit and some rootin' tootin' saxaphone.

This kind of stuff is a music reviewers dream - it grabs you by the lapels, shakes you up and makes you want more.


Catalysts - See In The Dark

Super Blog Sunday continues apace, with another brilliant band to share with you. Again, this is one from the deep, dark recesses of my email account ( if you're interested) and it's taken me a week or two to get round to writing about them, but I hope you'll agree it was worth the wait.

For this next post, I'd like to introduce you to Catalysts, a rather excellent band from Sheffield, South Yorkshire (if you're a John Shuttleworth fan, you always have to let everyone know where Sheffield is).

As always, the necessaries:

You can listen to them on their soundcloud page here:

You can follow them on t'twitter, like

And last but by no means least, you can make a purchase of their music by following this link:

The song I'm going to talk to you about, "See In The Dark", was released on 16th May and, to be honest, it's a wee gem. It really is. It's one of those brilliant songs that slightly wrong foots you - initially very fast paced and then turning quickly into a staccato-stop-start affair, before revving up the pace again. It's got excellent riffage and a vocal that caught me quite by surprise - a quite delicate and moving contrast to the music.

You can watch the video to the song here:

I'm hoping to hear a lot more from these guys over the coming months - "See In The Dark" is an excellent introduction to a very talented band. Really worth having in your collections.

Lux Lisbon - Get Some Scars EP

Get Some Scars EP (Special Edition) cover art

So here we are, our second musical stop of the day - and another blinder, I do swear 'pon the life of my pet tea bag, Brian.

I've been promising Lux Lisbon I would write about them for a while and today I finally am - and very pleased to be doing so, too.

First of all, as per usual, the necessaries.

You can listen to them here:

You can visit their website here:

You can home in on them Twitter style, here:

Or you can delve into their world of Facebookz here:

Now then, first of all - it's important to point out that the "Get Some Scars" EP I'm featuring here today is a free download - if you clicketh the first link, or visit their website, you'll be able to listen and attach the said music to whatever device you jolly well like (I don't know whether it will work on your Kenwood Chef, but you never know...)

So once you've downloaded, you'll also need to have a listen/look at - for me - what is the standout track of the collection - "Bullingdon Club"

Already described as the "best power pop song of the last five years" by Sid Griffin, this basically, has it all. It's opening riff is excellently catchy, it's fast paced, it feels like it should have been out at the height of Britpop (and would have fitted in awesomely well) and actually, given that I'm listening to it after the Election-that-never-was, it feels all the more wrought with tension.

Of course, this isn't the whole reason you need the EP in your collection. Other superb tracks on the EP are "Demons You Show" (triffic bass) and "Memento Mori", it's chippy, powerful and has brilliant harmonies. 

Lux Lisbon have been a shamefully late discovery for me, it's not too late for you to welcome them into your lives either. Do eet!

Prince Vaseline - Radio On

Another week has gone whizzing by, and I'm back again, prostrate on the indie dance floor like a woman possessed. Not sure what with, but possessed anyhow.

It's Super-blog-Sunday and I'm here today to share with you some more music that I really hope you'll like as much as I do.

First off is a brilliant new discovery - hailing from the vaults of PinDrop Publicity, my lovely musical pals in Oxford.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the frankly mervellouuuseee Prince Vaseline.

First of all, le necessaries:

You can find their Soundcloud page here:

You can follow zem on ze Twitterz here:

You can 'ave a look at zer Facebookz here:

Now then, have a listen to their latest track (on their soundcloud link) called "Radio On". This is released ahead of their mini-album, out in June and called "A Naturally Coloured Pleasure".

"Radio On" is just brill. I loved it from the outset. I liked the guitars at the beginning - for some reason they reminded me of the opening to David Bowie's "Heroes", which is obviously pretty cool - but the track itself diverges away from that into a lovely mix of jaunty riffage and organ tuneage, which is superduper. Nicely muted and downplayed vocals and harmonies combine really well to give a track which is a joy to listen to - and seems to not head where you think it will. Just as you're getting used to one rhythm - off it pops onto something else.

If this is anything to go by, the mini album is going to be a real treat - hopefully I'll get to review that nearer the time. Until then, fill your lugholes with this...Prince Vaseline, you might have heard them here first...

Sunday, 17 May 2015

False Advertising - I Don't Know

I Don't Know

Super Bog Sunday continues apace with a cup of tea in one hand and some more great music about to fill your ears like something empty being er..filled with something fabulous.

For this next unexpected item in the bagging area, I'd like to introduce you to a super super band of lovelies based in Manchester (Manchester, so much to answer for...) called False Advertising. The band contacted me and asked if I'd put a little feature together on them and indeed I am more than happy to.

First of all, the necessaries - here are all their details.

You can find their website here:

You can find them on the Twitters here:

You can find them on the Facebookz here:

And finally, here is their Soundcloud page:

The last link takes you straight to a preview/taster track from their hotly tipped debut album "Give" which I'll hopefully be reviewing soon

False Advertising make such a great noise. Chris, Jen and Josh's sound is akin to everything that was awesomely brilliant about 1990s US college rock. Grunge tinged and fuzzy-scuzzy, their sound is conversely sharp and edgy. "I Don't Know" is arse kicking in its fabulosity - ragged round the edges with a brilliantly muted vocal. "Wasted Away" which you can listen to at is similarly brilliant - the guitars get you right in the chest and Jen's vocal is really raw and emotional. These guys absolutely rock it and they're well worth a listen to - if these two preview tracks are anything to go by, the new album is going to be worth the wait.

They've got upcoming gigs at the Dot to Dot Festival in Manchester on 22nd May and also on June 20th at First Chop Brewing Arm in Salford. If you're local, make it your mission to go see them...they're one to watch...

Sounds Like Interview - The Everglows

Good afternoon. Or if you're reading this later, GOOD AFTERNOON - WHAT TOOK YOU SO COCKING LONG?

I'm back for another short stint of blog catch-ups and we're going to begin today with another of my 'Sounds Like' features. That's right, I've managed to convince another band to talk to me. I don't know how I've kept getting away with it for so long - but I have.

Today's topflightshowbizinnervoo is with a favourite of mine, and a band that have graced these pages on many a previous occasion. Welcome back to The Everglows. You can read all my previous posts on them HERE.

The band have another stonker of a track out, and they've asked me to give you a heads up on it - and also share with you the video for it, which I'm happy to do. It's called "Lost and Found" and it is, as all their previous stuff is, hugely worth a few minutes of your time.

But now it's time to see the results of my gentle probing of the band, with my probing thing - thanks so much to Andy and Ray for putting up with my mithering!

1.) The new single is another absolute corker, it's got a slightly different, more mellow feel to your other tracks - was it a conscious decision to go take that route or did it just happen (I'm going to make you cringe now...) "organically" (like a mis-sharpen courgette) :D
Andy: The new track Lost and Found came to me while queuing at KFC! It's got a break in it that I wrote a while back but didn't fit with anything else. I wanted that laid back drinking in the sun feel to it. We did need a slower song in the set as its usually pretty full on. 
Ray: I played pretty much what you did on the demo 'coz it was spot-on!

2.) Which musical decade means most to you 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s (or a mix of all 4)?
Ray: 60s - I was born in the wrong era. 
Andy: Definitely 60's. It influences everything music, clothes, decor etc. My van even has a target on the side!

3.) You've got quite a nice nod to psychedelia going on with your stuff and I've noticed a few other bands I've reviewed are leaning towards this too, is it time for a proper Renaissance of this genre - or is (musical) nostalgia not what it used to be?
Andy: The musical era that influences me most are the 65'-69' period where psychedelia were first featured and explored so its bound to influence the sound of the band. Plus it sounds pretty cool...
Ray: Its always time for another revival of Psychedelia, it is unquestionably the most experimental, creative period in music history.

4.) What's next for the band - gigs, recording wise?
Ray: There are some new tunes in the pipeline, one of which is typically Everglows but another will surprise our listeners I think as it has a slightly different feel. (Two Minute Hero). 
Andy: We've got some good gigs coming up, 4 in the next 4 weeks including The Dublin Castle and The Finsbury in London. Once the gigs are over we're gonna record some new material that's been played live the last few gigs.

5.) Finally, The Everglows are having a dinner party at Everglow Towers. You can have three musical heroes as guests. Which of them brings the starter, who brings the main course and who brings the pudding? (You can have a bonus guest to pop along with the cheeseboard, but only if they swear not to bring Stilton...)
Andy: I'd have The Small Faces bring the starter, something cheeky and cockney. Then an Indian brought in by The Beatles picked by George. Amy Winehouse for dessert to chill you out and Blur to bring over one of Alex's delicious cheeses to have with crackers. 
Ray: Jack White for the starter would be Boccadillos (small fried fish in batter), Frank Black for the main which would be a chicken Vindaloo curry & then Keith Moon for the dessert of Cherry Cheese Cake because that would probably end up all over the walls after the food fight that would ensue.

Thanks guys for a brilliant interview - and readers, don't forget to head on over to their bandcamp page to buy their new track - you can find it here: