Saturday 29 March 2014

Stereo Off - NY EP5

Stereo Off NY EP5 cover art

Happy Saturday, you great big bunch of motherfudgin' music lovers. It's been a week since I last entertained you with something (or bored you with my rambling, I'm easy either way), so I thought it was high time I hit you with another post to tickle your aural muscles.

Here it is, oh baby, here it is.

Today, I'd really like to introduce you all to a fantastic band called Stereo Off and their brand new EP. The guys contacted me last week and asked me to take a listen to this collection of songs. Which I did. I knew straight away they were a group I had to feature on here. So, for those of you who are regulars to my humble little page, you know this is the time I tell you to hoik your trouser creases off to bandcamp to listen and download their music. Today is no exception, so here you go:

So that's dead dead good, isn't it? Don't argue with me, because I'm always right.

I think what immediately attracted me to this were the bass lines and the absolutely bang-on riffage. Every track has a super funky feel to it, like really super-funky. Opening track "Photographs" is a blinder, it's a fantastic indie-pop slice of heaven that you can properly bop to. It's sliding riff is really laid back and infectious - married with a massively cool vocal.

"Bullet Time" has a really dubby feel to it - this is the sort of track that really benefits from being blasted loudly and with the bass turned up. When it starts, it just feels like another great indie track (sounds like I'm doing them a bit of a disservice, but I'm not), however, if you listen deeply to it, the more it kicks in, the better it gets - the bass in this is outstanding, and the vox is nicely chilled - it's a really good marriage of dance and indie - and a great crossover kind of track - especially for those who aren't certain about whether they like either genre enough...this should be enough to pique their curiosity.

Last track "MI6" starts with a super speedy riff and merges into something a bit different to the other tracks on the album, with fuzzy distortion and a chippy melody - compared to the other tracks it really is more out and out rock, which shows just how the band can adapt themselves to different styles and make them work so well. It's actually got a little bit of Doors-esque distorted Organ in it for good measure and even though the track stops really abruptly, it's actually a really fine way to end this excellent little collection of tracks. It feels like a neat way to do it.

So, what can I say - for some brilliant "open your windows and let Spring in" music, you actually won't find much better than Stereo Off, this is a wonderful collection of tracks not to be missed. Get them in your life. Like now.

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