Monday, 16 March 2015

Cantaloupe - Zoetrope

Happy happy Monday to you, one and all. You'll be happy to know I'm sitting with a cup of tea (still no KitKat) and really happy to be bringing you some absolutely wonderful new music for this rather grey and dreary afternoon.

You know what, I don't think I cover nearly enough electronica on this blog - and that's a real pity, because it's actually one of my favourite genres of music (that's a hint - any up and coming electronic acts - you can email me - so I genuinely am thrilled to be featuring today's offering from a brilliant act from Nottingham called Cantaloupe, once again via PinDrop Publicity. This is their debut album "Zoetrope" and it's released today, 16th March.

OK, as always, the necessaries. Here are the vitals you need.

You can listen to the album via Soundcloud here:

You can also buy the album from here:

You can follow them on The Twitters here:

I don't think, at this precise moment, I can find enough superlatives about this album. It's made me so happy listening to it over the last week or so. It feels like a real short of catchy, infectious energy. I do love my late 70s/early 80s synth pop - and this is such a lovely melding of that era with 21st century tech and know how. It's got that glorious poppy feel, sweet, catchy vocals and instantly memorable synth hooks that become instantaneously embedded in your head.

Stand out tracks for me are the opener "Big Kiss" and "Gustave" (this sort of reminded me a bit of one of my other favourite acts du jour, Discopolis). Though in truth, every single track on here is wonderful in its own right - with something for anyone who loves electronica.

Buy buy buy and give these guys your support. This is a truly phenomenal debut and not to be missed.

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