Wednesday, 27 May 2015

EARTHS - Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq cover art

Good of the Tuesday afternoon to you. Except it's Wednesday. I just thought I'd fox you all. Never let it be said I'm not sharper than a safety knife.

So it's midweek and we're probably all slumped over our desks wondering how long it is till the next Bank Holiday weekend (answer: too bloody long). But never fear, I have something to keep you going until Friday at the very least.

However, I am once again handing over the blog reins to my erstwhile companion, compadre and partner in crime/nail polish, theexistentialist who has taken a break from launching their website (imabloodymiserablemisanthrope . com - just kidding) to make another brilliant contributed post.

Today, they're reviewing the excellent new release from Glasgow's EARTHS - called "Kangerlussuaq"


theexistentialist is delighted to have had the fortune of thegeneral drawing my attention to a brand new act from Glasgow, called EARTHS. They are a great band; although, someone needs to show them where “caps lock” is on their computer keyboard! (thegeneral interrupts to let theexistentialist know that that sort of thing is actually quite cool and trendy actually :D)

First the necessaries. 

You can visit their Twitters here:

You can visit their Facebook page here:

You can download the new single from their bandcamp page here:

Their new single is Kangerlussuaq is a nice trippy little number, and can be downloaded for free from band camp, by following the link above ^^^. It's got a fantastic bassline and nice chippy guitars. Really dreamlike and ethereal. 

Whilst theexistentialist enjoyed the gentle Kangerlussuaq, it was the b-side (or, whatever you call a b-side on a digital download), The House Above, that really captured my imagination. It is just a little bit bonkers barmy, and unpredictable, but in all the right ways. After the lovely, lulling soundscape of KangerlussuaqThe House Above is a surprise and a little gem of eclectic oddness. If you've got a liking for some of the more gentle aspects of Math-Rock, you'll love these tracks. 

theexistentialist is rather intrigued to know what will be the next move for this fascinating band, and is hoping to hear more of EARTHS in the near future.


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