Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Moonbabies - Wizards On The Beach

Wizards on the Beach cover art

Hello again. It's still Wednesday, I know because I've just checked. I hope you're ready and waiting for some more brilliant music, because that's what I have for you. I've sent my compadre off for a sit down with a cup of tea and I'm going to take you through this next piece.

So for today's second offering, I'm going to share with you a band I've been aware of for a little while - called Moonbabies. I was thrilled when Ola from the group asked me to put together a little something for them (guys I'm sorry for the delay) I'm happy to be finally featuring them now.

Their new album "Wizards on the Beach" is out now (it was released on April 28th) and as always here are the necessaries:

Here is their bandcamp page:

Here is their Facebook page:

Here is their Twitter stream:

And here is their website:

What can I tell you about this album - other than "you need it". Well, you need it if trippy, vibey, feel good electronica is your thing - and it is mine. The album opens with "Pink Heart Mother" a smashing mix of gentle harmonies and great beats. Title track "Wizards on the Beach" follows and is a corker, which really mixes (and speeds up) the proceedings. It's got a brilliant, cute sounding guitar in it, which just elevates the sound. Standout tracks for thegeneral are the aforementioned first track - and "Bird Lay Frue", "Playground Dropouts" (opening reminds me very slightly of The Magic Roundabout!!) and final track "The Ocean Kill" which is a super, super way to round the album off.

The husband and wife duo mix the vocals up on the tracks which means that nothing really sounds samey, and they have a very distinct, stacatto and upbeat style to their sound, which is really charming. If you like bands like Discopolis (and if you don't - we can't be friends) and you also loved my review of Cantaloupe's new album, "Zoetrope", this should also be right up your street too. Get it in your collection now!

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